Use the database to search through our project outcomes, publications, and curated information related to our research in the areas of energy, environment, water, and renewables. Searchable fields include title, author, keywords and program.


We are in the process of adding electronic versions of many of the non-confidential documents to the database.

Copies of documents from the Heavy Oil, Enhanced Recovery, and Oil Sands (HERO) database, identifiable by the HERO prefix to their numbers, are available through the Energy and Environment Database or alternate sources.

For copies of Journal Articles, please contact the Publication Source or you local public or university library. For copies of Patents, please contact the respective patent offices. For copies of Theses or Scientific Dissertations, please contact the appropriate university library, or search the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. For copies of other documents, please submit an order using the database shopping cart, or contact us.

Documents which do not originate from the HERO database and do not say they are public are confidential. These may be viewed depending on individual case and circumstance, and may require a non-disclosure agreement prior to viewing. To request access to these documents, please contact us.

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